V7 Capital began as the first Angel Investing network in the region, evolving into a Fund Management firm focused on growing local and international businesses in the GCC market., whilst acting as both General Partners and Limited Partners for the funds.

Fund History


Companies Funded

USD 5m

Fund I Size


ROI: Fund I

USD 10m

Fund II Size


ROI: Fund II

Between Fund I and Fund II, there were zero failures. Two companies had eventually failed, however, due to our key eye on the situation we had exited far before the failure and received our total investment back. These two companies were the worst case scenarios for both funds.

What Makes
Our Fund Different?

We ensure our portfolio is on the right path by offering both our investments and our investors

Our subsidiary, V7 Group, will be on-site to provide our investments with financial, legal, marketing, recruitment & operational support.

The fund will be highly managed, we will not just be taking board seats. We will have active visibility on all investments on a day-to-day basis.

All investments will have their cashflow and P&L monitored, overseen independently by V7 Accounting.

Having oversight and support through V7 Group’s companies will insure no unwanted surprises occur and minimize any potential failures.




Risk Mitigation

Fund III

Investment Period:

2.5 Years from Initial Close

Fund Terms:

4 + 1 + 1

Carried Interest:

20% (up to 2.75x); 25% (>2.75x net return)

Preferred Return:


USD 20m

Fund III


# of Investments Targeted


Expected Gross ROI

Our fund is a sector agnostic fund that will invest into GCC companies that complement each other and create true synergies. The fund will be highly managed and active on a day-to-day basis, leveraging our proven track-record of identifying and building high-growth companies.

Venture Building

We as the Venture Capital fund will create our own company and invest into it, this fits our business model as we already have the backbone of every venture built into our organisation. Venture Builds will have to operate out of V7 Hub and must utilise all of V7 Group’s services. We are ideating our own internal venture plans, as well as open to others’ ideas.